The New Class: 17 College Rock Acts to Watch ]


For any college kids whose musical taste derives heavily from what their parents introduced them to, Twin Peaks should be your new favorite band. Four Chicagoans who took all the dad-sentials and put them in a blender with a 40 oz. and an eighth of some dank, proving that sometimes the most primary influences can be the ones that lead to and yield the greatest results. If The Beatles smoked more blunts, if The Rolling Stones drank more High Life, if Tom Petty grew up and flourished in an urban DIY environment, that’s who Twin Peaks are. Each member brings his own special elements to the table. From guitarist Clay Frankel’s Jagger-tinged vocals and grounded lyricism to bassist Jack Dolan’s “fuck you, pay me” attitude and surprisingly high energy for a self-professed stoner, everyone adds an important ingredient to the stew that is TP. Having come up alongside The Orwells, there’s a sibling rivalry feeling between the bands, but clearly it’s all love. Lead singer/guitarist Cadien Lake James busted up his ankle giving The Orwell’s Mario Cuomo an onstage piggyback ride during their recent joint tour, but that didn’t stop him from jamming out in a wheelchair, adorned with a Cosby sweater-esque t-shirt and some mom approved turquoise jewel earrings at Pitchfork, proving that the spirit of Twin Peaks is about uninhibited joy and letting your freak flag fly. –Pat Levy

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